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Energetic capacity, maturity, and responsibility

Modalities of expert bodywork

Sensuality and intimacy awareness

The practice of Tantra

Deep inquiry of the spiritual path as it relates to Embodiment and Consciousness



Judith Shivani Davis ECTE

I have studied modalities of healing arts since 1976, blending my unique style of full-bodied massage, the Rolf method, Spiritual Mentoring, and Energy Responsibility. I am an elite certified tantric educator and instructor for Source School of Tantra Yoga. I have a private practice in bodywork, sacred sexuality, and in teaching groups, couples and singles about their sensual and sexual presence, and energetic impact.

My Approach

The reason you might want to work with me is that you find my unique set of skills applicable to your particular set of needs. If you find there are obstacles to loving, feeling, and understanding yourself and others, that limit you in your hopes and dreams, and you wish to investigate this in a safe, sacred and knowledgeable container, then you might be interested in emailing or calling, to see if we are a fit.

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What I Offer


Energy & Inquiry


Privately, in small groups, classes, and over Skype



Judith is without a doubt the most gifted massage therapist I’ve experienced, and I’m pretty much a massage junkie and expert, if I do say so myself. Her hands go where they need to go. They pay attention. They are knowing and purposeful and relentless, yet kind and good-humored. Just like Judith herself! I have been blessed for more than 30 years with gifts of health and growth from her work." ~ B.L. in Boulder, CO

With a wealth of training in many fields and a lifetime of being aware, I feel Judith gives me something special.  She is able to really listen to me and has an innate ability to sense just what I need and just when I need it.  Its usually something I didn’t know I needed. I find her bodywork far more than physical, her Tantra work more than spiritual and being able to do remote sessions makes it feel she is right there if I need to go over something.  Truly unique multi-faceted experiences that have changed my life." ~ Kalehua in Maui, HI

Judith is a gifted practitioner- intuitive, skilled, and wise. Her gentle, loving touch is also very direct and clear, as is she. I’ve felt profound healing through her work. Even more, I’ve gained a greater understanding of the patterns within my body through continued work with Judith. She is a knowledgeable teacher. I just love her!” ~ Tara in San Francisco

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