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Energy & Inquiry Sessions

Privately, in small groups, classes, and over Skype

In these times, being able to do ‘Remote’ work has been a lifeline for some people. There are several remote ways in which I can guide you.


Students of Neo-Tantra- I have been teaching and mentoring in this field for more than 15 years. I can help you form a clear understanding of what your strengths are, and also, what your ’shadows’ might be, that hold you back from your full potential. I will also share my experience of building a practice in your town or learning to teach workshops (I have been doing this for 40 years).  


The path of Inquiry-  As an early student of Hameed Ali, and the Diamond Approach (1976-2002)- I have skills in helping you follow the breadcrumbs of your path of awakening. Inquiry simply means learning to apply your attention to the less conscious parts of your soul’s journey. These sessions are hour-long, and are much more than ’therapy sessions’. We will be able to tell in one session if this will be productive for you. I can also help you organize your curriculum at home, with readings and practices. 


One-time consultation- Sometimes we just need to have some ‘mirroring’. This session can help you find out if you’d like guidance, and from where, or just to ‘check-up’ on your current path, and get support and encouragement to continue on your true path. 

     Check out this video with

       Lynda Caesara and I talking

about our upcoming energy seminar.

About Lynda Caesara

Facilitator Lynda Caesara attended Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1974, the Heartsong Psychic Institute from 1975 to 1977, and went on to teach at Heartsong for six years. She spent two years studying Christian mysticism before beginning Shamanic practice in 1982, which has developed over the years to form the backbone of her instructional method. Lynda has also been active in bodywork from 1975 to present, studying and integrating techniques from Lauren Berry, John Upledger, Jean‑Pierre Barral, Sharon Weiselfish‑ Giammatteo, and Frank Lowen into her practice. Lynda has been teaching ongoing Energy Classes and workshops since 2001.

Lynda’s seminars may change your life.
Some have said it’s the best workshop
money they have EVER spent!

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