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Your choices to work with me for Bodywork, naturally depend upon us being in the same place. I call this ’Table Time’. I offer several types of sessions, and the donations will depend upon how long the session is, and what components of my skillset you are interested in.


Rolfage - This session is usually about 75 minutes. Because my hands are trained in multiple modalities of touch, this is usually a blend of skills. I call this ‘Rolfage’ because my hands are innately trained to invoke organized intelligence. I work with your muscular/skeletal system, your fascial network, and your nervous system, often producing a sense of integrated wholeness. It can be deep and very healing. Every cell feels alive, peaceful, and connected.  


Add the ’Tantric Touch’- I often am contacted by people who want some specialized work around the pelvis, pelvic floor, and awakening the breath. These sessions can be 75-120 minutes. It’s for people who want a closer relationship with their ’Sensual Self’ and Sexual health. From an energetic perspective, we can call it a focused approach to the 1st and 2nd and 3rd Chakras.  My knowledge of the chakra system, coupled with the work of Bioenergetics and bodywork, can be very effective in bringing health and understanding to blocked energy and blocked sensation.


Four-handed body/energy work- when the timing is right, I have the honor of working with a manual medicine MD (Colorado and Maui). These sessions need to be specifically scheduled when he and I are in the same place. This work is very intuitive and deeply effective for hard to pinpoint issues. We both have experience in Trauma resolution and the Rolf Method of healing. Please call if you’d like more info and to learn if this would be appropriate for you.

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