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I have been trained in Massage therapy, Rolf Method of Structural and Functional Integration, the Enneagram and the Diamond Approach (the spiritual work of A.H. Almaas), and Tantra.


I have taught massage, Bodywork to benefit Tantra practice, The Enneagram, sexual healing and awakening practices to beginners and in teachers training, the practice of presence, attention and awareness, the Diamond Approach work, and the work of Energy Responsibility. 

I have experience with the work of Ron Kurtz (Hakomi), Trauma work and PTSD, Internal Family Systems, most recently of 5 years, the work of Lynda Caesara, a Berkeley Energy Teacher of the highest order.

I consider myself a bit of a Shamanic Mystic. Although I have not acquired numerous degrees, I find that my life experience, coupled with my many trainings, gives me the wisdom and ground to shine a compassionate light. I offer up my decades-long journey of healing and awakening.

Perhaps there is something here for you!

Finally, in the last few years, I have had the enormous honor, living on Maui, to often and personally sit with Ram Dass before he left his body. I honestly feel that his presence, transmissions, and guidance have deepened, opened, and helped to prepare me to lightly hold the truth and realities of living an Embodied Life on this Earth.


"Love everyone, and tell the Truth"

— Ram Dass

About Me

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